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7 Coffee Table Display Essentials

Posted on by Laura Revis

Is your coffee table too crowded or uninspiring? Use these 7 essentials to create a stylish display for any coffee- or side table.

1. The “piece de résistance” | always choose one eye catcher for on your table. A cool sculpture like a pineapple or a coral sculpture in a daring color will form great central pieces to work from. Sometimes a funky object takes getting used to, but creating just the right display will allow for it to blend in nicely with your taste and style, even if you first thought it wouldn’t. Blend and create!

2. Coffee table books | Give your guests something to read or nose through. How to avoid a clutter? Choose books with similar cover colors (stick with a black and white theme or a color that compliments your piece de résistance.

3. Let there be light! | The rule of three: let there be three points of light in your table display. For some playfulness try three different candle holders that compliment each other. Also, try playing with different heights so you don’t have three candles burning at the exact same height.

4. Greenery | flowers or green softens up your table, can smell wonderful and just add some natural warmth to your display. Make sure the flowers are trimmed to a shorter length and that you don’t use a vase that’s too high. White flowers will always compliment your display, but if you want something colourful try and choose colours that are already present in your display (in this case you could choose to orange flowers to compliment the books with orange lettering).

5. Geometry | to offset the softness of the flowers or green on your table, use some geometric elements. You could set these on top of a short pile of coffee tables books to create some height. It also allows for an urban feel if you don’t want your display to become all too feminine.

6. The tray | I love a good lucite tray (check out our fabulous A4-sized lucite tray available for € 25 in the shop). From displaying some smaller books and a candle on the tray to having it house just one of your ornaments, a tray creates a separate ‘room’ with a mini display within the larger display of your table. Depending on the size, you can also place the tray an top of a slightly larger book and grace it with some complimenting accessories.

7. A little dish | a little dish/plate (any shape, but rectangular would be great on your tray) that compliments either your main piece or your other ornaments will allow for balance but can also be very practical. You could serve some treats on the plate or use the plate as a place to put your matches or a stylish wine bottle opener.

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