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From Fashion Style to Home

Posted on by motadacruz

What you wear is a reflection of what colors and textures you like. You wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself, that show your personality and are (mostly) comfortable. Why not do the same for your home? Going about styling your interior the way you would style your wardrobe is a great way to develop your taste and signature. Where in your clothing you may use a bold color in your jewelry or shoes, the same can be done with your interior accessories. Add a signature color (or colors) you like to your favorite basic palette.

Have different styles? Use them for different spaces in your home. For instance, make your living room a reflection of your love of Paris high fashion and your bedroom a reflection of your breezy white dresses while you’re on vacation or some 70s glamour to your kitchen.

Golden Display Rule: If you love wearing it, you’ll love displaying it around you!

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